Managing your Urology Care during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Managing your Urology Care during the Covid-19 Pandemic

We first want to thank you for entrusting the Urology Group of Princeton with your care. Now, more than ever, it is clear just how important trust is between patients and their doctors; we greatly appreciate the confidence you have placed us.

We encourage you to call the office if you have any questions or concerns; as always, we are here to support you during the COVID-19 pandemic.

For the time being, in lieu of in-person appointments, we are leveraging Google Meet to conduct virtual face-to-face visits during the COVID-19 pandemic.

A virtual visit is similar to an office visit but is done using your smartphone, computer, or tablet. Using Google Meet, we can talk about your symptoms, review test results, discuss treatment plans or medications, and answer questions about your health and care.

To arrange a virtual visit, please call the Urology Group at 609.924.6487.

These are trying times for sure but together we will get through it. Rest assured that you and your health remain our primary concern; we are working diligently to ensure there are no gaps in your care while also working to ensure the health and safety of all our patients and staff.

Thank you for your flexibility and, once again, for entrusting your care to the Urology Group of Princeton.