For your convenience, our receipts for office visits include all the necessary information your insurance carrier will need to process your claim. If, after you have submitted your claim, additional data is requested, we will assist you in providing the required documentation.

If you are scheduled for surgery, please check with your insurance plan for special requirements regarding second opinion or pre-certification of surgical procedures. Our billing office will submit the necessary claim and paperwork to your insurance carrier for your surgical charges.

Insurance coverage varies greatly from policy to policy, as do co-payments and deductibles. Some policies pay a fixed amount for services and others pay a percentage of the charge. Many insurance carriers use the term “reasonable and customary” to determine the portion of charges that a policy will cover. An individual insurance policy?s reimbursement methodology does not dictate our fee. Our fees are fair and competitive. You are responsible for any unpaid balance on your account.

Medicare and HMO Participation

Our office will submit all claims for services rendered. Our participating status does not dismiss your co-payment responsibility or payment of your deductible, which is due at the time service is rendered. It is each individual patient’s responsibility to ensure that any necessary referral is obtained prior to the scheduled visit.

We participate in many health insurance plans, including Medicare and HMOs. Please inquire about your specific carrier. For any questions or concerns regarding insurance, please contact our billing coordinator at 609-924-6487 ext 3003.