Payment Obligations

Our facility, staff, equipment and supplies are designed to meet your health care needs but they are costly. Please help us contain costs and avoid finance charges by rendering payment promptly at the time of service. Co-pays, deductables, fees for uncovered services, and charges to patients with insurance coverage with whom we do not participate are due the day of your office visit. For your convenience, we do accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express credit cards, as well as personal checks, and of course, cash.

It is important to us that each patient has a clear understanding of their responsibility to satisfy their financial obligation for services rendered. It is necessary for you to make regular payment on the outstanding balance of your account. We will take action to recover past due accounts when this arrangement is not honored. Overdue balances may be subject to an interest charge.

If you are experiencing financial difficulties, arrangements can be made to set up a monthly payment plan. Any questions regarding our fees or billing statements will be welcomed by our billing coordinator.

Refunds are issued monthly on any account where an overpayment has occurred.